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Eight of Swords Tattoo

Eight of Swords Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio and fine art gallery housed in an original Williamsburg storefront built in the 1840s. Our goal is quality, custom tattooing with attention to detail. We're proud to feature a clean, relaxing environment with emphasis on comfort for our clients. The artists at Eight of Swords Tattoo are happy to consult with you directly and visualize your ideas into beautiful, custom tattoos. The gallery space showcases new and established artists from around the world with regular art openings. Look for annual charity events including benefits for organizations like The Warriors Fund and the ASPCA. Eight of Swords Tattoo is a refreshing alternative to the typical tattoo parlor. Give us a visit and see the difference for yourself.


Eight of Swords Tattoo is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 115 Grand Street between Berry and Wythe Streets ( one block from Bedford Ave. ). The L, G and JMZ trains are within walking distance. There is also the shiny new East River Ferry at N. 6th Street as well as the pedestrian path on the Williamsburg bridge (for the active and/or adventurous types). Parking is usually available on Grand Street, however this is Williamsburg so expect constant construction and movie film crews disrupting accessibility.

Tips from the Experts

Before your appointment:
– get a good night’s rest
– have a hearty meal an hour or so before
– stay hydrated
– avoid alcohol, caffeine, blood-thinners
– take care of your personal hygiene

During your appointment:
– come alone or bring one friend at most if absolutely necessary
– focus on your breathing
– refrain from moving
– don’t talk on your phone (please turn off the ringer)
– bring high-energy snacks

After your appointment:
– tip your artist and post a positive review if they have provided excellent service
– follow your artist’s care instructions EXACTLY
– do not soak your fresh tattoo in water. No bathtubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks.
– don’t pick or scratch your new tattoo. If any scabs develop, leave them alone until they fall off naturally
– avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo until healed
– after your tattoo is healed, always use a strong sun block to protect your skin